Frequently Asked Questions


Consider who and what age range will be playing on the playset when deciding on a model for your family or organization. For babies and toddlers, ground level playhouses, baby swings, and bubble panels provide easy and fun entertainment. Some components that are fun for preschool age children and up are enclosed slides, belt swings and picnic tables. Some components require stronger motor skills and would be difficult for children under five such as rock walls and cargo nets. Children between the ages of five and eight should be able to balance, jump and engage in more challenging play. Adding items such as monkey bars, a trapeze and 14′ slides keeps them learning and active. As your child grows, we recommend modifying your playset to their abilities. Switching out swings and adding fun items is an easy and cost efficient way to make sure your child is getting the most out of the playset.

Since safety is the #1 priority, it is imperative to keep your playset out of range of any electrical wires, clotheslines and low lying tree branches. Consider installing your playset in clear sight of the house for easy parental supervision. Installing the playset in a shady spot in the yard can help avoid hot slides and minimize sunburns! Many homeowner’s associations have guidelines about how close your playset can be to your home, property lines, sheds and pools. Make sure you are familiar with their rules and regulations before purchase and installation.

We recommend that the site be leveled before delivery, not only for appearance but also for safety. Not having a properly leveled area will void the warranty. Prepare an area with at least six feet of space on each side of the playset.

It’s very important to keep in mind the proper safety zone precautions. The industry standard is 6′ of open space around the entire playset. This space ensures your child has enough room to run, swing and play safely.

Star Quality Swingsets loves this question. We love the answer even more! Maintenance is almost unneeded. From time to time, as any outdoor toys do, it needs washed off. However, you don’t need harsh cleaners. A hose, glass cleaner, and a soft bristle brush will do the trick!

By covering the wooden structural elements of the playset, it keeps the stability without the maintenance. No one wants to re-stain or re-paint a playset every year. Covering the wood eliminates splinters. It also preserves the wood, which makes our playsets last for many, many fun-filled years to come.

The vinyl we use has five times the tensile strength of wood and four times the flexibility of wood!

No. Here at Star Quality Swingsets we use only high quality vinyl that includes a highly effective UV resistant component specifically engineered to keep it from yellowing.

While rubber mulch is considered to be the safest option for underneath of the playset, it is not the only option. Playground surfacing falls into two categories. First, loose-fill materials such as engineered wood fiber, rubber mulch, sand and pea gravel. The second category is unitary surfacing. Unitary surfacing consists of poured rubber, grass and artificial grass or turf. Every playground has different needs so it is important to take into consideration budget, maintenance and who will be playing on the set.