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Our Heavy-Duty Swing Set Features


What is Star Swingsets Quality?

There are a few things that come to mind when it comes to quality. Here is what we mean when we say Star Swingsets Quality:

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Safety Obsessed

When you are looking for a playset for your child the last thing you want to worry about is safety. That’s why at Star Quality Swingsets we focus on safety. No splinters, no exposed wood, and child friendly. Our rounded vinyl caps leave no dangerous sharp edges exposed. Non-skid grip tape provides added traction on steps when entering and exiting the tower. Smooth, slip resistant vinyl is the only thing your child needs to come in contact with. Some would say we’re obsessed with safety, but this is for your child. Enough said!

Stronger than the Rest

When you think of a typical playset you may not think along the lines of quality. However, a Star Quality Swingset means a playset that will last far longer than your typical, cheaply built, big box store playset. Our splinterless vinyl encases wolmanized L3 lumber to ensure durability well into your child’s teen years. Our premium canvas roof options compete with those used in commercial playgrounds. Our swing beam anchoring system adds extra stabilization to stop shifting during play.

Longer Lasting than the Best

When it comes to durability, we believe in putting our money where our mouth is. That’s why all of our playsets have a five year no quibble warranty. We believe in our product. That’s why we guarantee you will too! See our warranty page for more details.


Cleaning and Care

Over years of usage your playset may become dirty looking. To revitalize and clean its appearance use a soft bristled brush, warm water and glass cleaner to gently clean your playset.

Cleaning and Care Brochure