The Best Swing Sets for Older Kids          

outdoor playsets for older kids

For so many kids of all ages, there’s nothing better than swinging on a swing set or a rocketing down a fun slide. The best swing sets for older kids are built to encourage the high-energy excitement older kids want – while being sturdy enough to keep them safe. We’re profiling some of our sets that will be perfect for your children and highlighting what makes them the right choice for kids in older age groups.

At Star Quality Swingsets, we build a line of high-quality Amish playsets that parents and kids across the country love. Check out what key traits make for the best swing sets for older kids – and see 4 of our top picks!


5 Traits of Outdoor Playsets for Older Kids         

These outdoor playsets for older kids are specifically designed to accommodate their needs and interests. When you’re shopping through a whole internet of different options, you want to keep your eye on the traits that make a real difference for your kids. Here’s what your new set needs to have:

No maintenance swing set with 4 towers

  1. Safety Guaranteed – Bigger kids are going to play harder than younger ones. That means that playsets for older kids need to be extra reinforced to stay safe during their rambunctious play. Since safety is our number one priority, ANY Star Quality swing set you buy will be up to the task. We achieve this by reinforcing all of the most important parts of our sets (such as the swing beam and the corners) with steel. Plus, while some (often cheaper swing sets) use wooden lags for those corners, we only ever use extra-sturdy metal brackets.
  2. No Mold or Rot – One of the other things that can undermine the safety of any swing set or playset is rot or mold. Since they spend all day and night in the elements, wooden playsets are very susceptible to these types of organic growth. That rot or mold will weaken the integrity of a wooden set and make it a serious risk to collapse. That’s why the wooden frame of all of our sets is covered in a thick vinyl sheath. The vinyl sheath ensures the set stays 100% immune to rot, mold, and anything else that could weaken it! That’s the difference-maker that allows our sets to last a lifetime without maintenance!
  3. Super Slides – Rocketing down a super-fast slide is a thrill that older kids love! Not only should one or more slides be a part of almost any playground set for older kids, but they need to be the right slides, too. First and foremost, that means sturdy and secure slides are a must. As always, you can count on Star Quality to use only top-tier materials. In addition, since older kids have different interests and prefer twisty turns and speedy options, we offer a whole range of exciting slides to add for your older children.
  4. Places to Hang Out – While swinging on a swing set is an inherently social activity for children of all ages, bigger kids tend to want even more social time and ways to socialize while using their set. That’s why giving kids a place to hang out is a crucial piece of older kid swing sets. Whether that looks like a built-in picnic table, a clubhouse, or a wide deck on the play tower, giving them room to socialize is a must-have!
  5. Extra Exciting Accessories – To keep older children’s attention, a variety in ways to play is essential. While the swings and slides will always be the stars of the show, exciting accessories make the set more interesting. Some of our most popular accessories include a working telescope, built-in tic-tac-toe, monkey bars, a rock wall, and much more.

See our full list of accessories here!

4 Favorite Playground Sets for Older Kids

While any of our sets are built to be the best and will be a hit with your kids, these are a few of our most popular choices. All of these playground sets for older kids have specific features and add-ons that match the tastes of children as they get older:


where to find the best swing sets for older kids

Bright Star – This older kid playset stands out for a few reasons. Firstly, the double decker tower means that your kids will have two awesome places to hang out – and the bottom portion will make a great clubhouse for their imagination games. In addition, the glider swing is a great two-person option that older kids will want to try!

Best swing sets for older kids

Star Explorer – A great playground set for older kids, the Star Explorer is always a popular choice. The extra tall spiral slide is definitely built for the higher speed interests of older children. All of this excitement comes at a great price, too – see more about swing set prices right here.


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Galaxy Explorer – Packed with a double-handful of exciting features, there’s no way to go wrong with the Galaxy Explorer! The rock wall and extra-tall slide will keep your kids interested no matter how old they are. Plus, this swing set for older kids comes with two unique swing options: a ball swing and a tire swing!

playground sets for older kids

Galaxy Star – More exciting than what you’d find at the local park, the Galaxy Star has it all! The elevated playhouse is the centerpiece of this set and is sure to be your kids’ go-to backyard hangout. The fun doesn’t stop there, though, as a swing beam and two other towers are also connected, too! This set has everything from multiples slides, swings, and even a built-in picnic table to keep your kids having fun for hours!

Shop the Best Swing Sets for Older Kids

The best swing sets for older kids provide extraordinary strength and durability, along with the exciting play options to keep them entertained for years to come. If you want to bring home any of our recommended playground sets for older kids – or any of our other models – you’re in the right place.

In order to bring home your Star Quality Swingset, you’ll want to enter your zip code right here to be connected with your nearest dealer. Your local dealer will be able to help you pick your set, arrange installation, and get you one price to take care of everything!