10 Best-Selling Backyard Playground Accessories of 2022 (With Pictures)

Best-Selling Backyard Playground Accessories of 2022

Standard swing sets are great for a while but can lose their luster after a few minutes of play time. But what if there was a way to customize a swingset tailored to the interests and hobbies of the children playing on it?

The secret to a child’s attention is variety. That’s why at Star Quality Swingsets, we’ve prioritized designing and building over 30 fun, unique playground accessories to keep your children playing outside for longer! Although there are dozens available, in this blog we’re highlighting the top 10 playset accessories of 2022. Keep reading to find the ones that match your children’s personality!


Top-Rated Playset Accessories for Kids of All Ages

Our extensive collection of standard swing set models is a great place to pull inspiration for your own Star Quality Swingset design. But, when you want to create something truly one-of-a-kind and personalized to your family, customizing a swingset is the ultimate approach.

Today we’re sharing our top 10 best-rated playset accessories including everything from safety focused to adventurer approved. Which ones inspire you the most?


belt swing accessories for a backyard playground

Classic Belt Swing – More swings mean more friends that can play – so stocking up on classic belt swings is one of the most practical ways to accessorize your playground!


unique climbing accessories for playgrounds

Rock Wall – Little ones can race to the peak on their very own rock wall! Let their imagination climb high as the realistic rock textures and colors make them feel like a true alpinist.


backyard playset accessory for sliding boards

Open Top Super Spiral Slide – There’s no playset accessory quite as fun as a swirly slide. This unique style features an open top design so that all kids can play without bumping their heads, no matter their age or height! Learn more about the best swing set models for older kids.


picnic table accessory for backyard playground

Builtin Picnic Table – Here’s a fun playset accessory even the adults will love: a picnic table! Sitting comfortably in the shade of any playground tower, this maintenance-free vinyl picnic table is the perfect setting for taking lunch breaks with the kids during play time.


customize your swingset with a tic tac toe game

TicTac-Toe Panel – The classic game built directly into your custom playground. It’s one of the most popular playground accessories for backyard and commercial sets alike for its friendly competition and teamwork development! Our plastic tic-tac-toe spinner panel lets the kids take a break from running around while still keeping them entertained.


swinging trapeze bar to customize your swingset

Swinging Trapeze Bar – For the mini adrenaline junkies of the family, the trapeze bar is a great option. As a swing accessory, it allows adventure-seeking children to climb, flip, hang, and just have fun!


safe baby swing to customize a swingset with

Ultra-Safe Baby Swing – Nothing is more important to you than your baby. That’s why it’s always a great idea to customize your swing set with baby-safe swings while they’re young. Discover the 10 crucial questions parents should ask when choosing a baby swing set for their child.


unique playground accessories

Smooth Ride Safe-T-Glider – Our Safe-T-Glider is a unique swing accessory that is great for parents and kids to enjoy together. Because this swinging playground accessory is made from durable molded plastic, it can support ample weight!


relaxing playground accessories for kids

Relaxing Hammock Swing – While most unique playground accessories are designed for kids, this one is for the parents! Relaxing hammock swing accessories create a dedicated space for you to be a part of the action while still sitting in comfort.


cargo net accessory for a swingset

Cargo Net Climb – Customizing your playset with a cargo net makes the voyage of navigation fun, fast, and free – all of the best vinyl playsets have ‘em!

Want to see even more of our awesome playground accessories? View our free downloadable to discover all over the 30+ add-on’s currently available.

Customize Your Swingset with USA-Made Accessories

Whether you want an intergalactic adventure, a playful pirate ship, or a simple standard design, Star Quality Swingsets is the Pennsylvania-based team to help bring your playground vision to life! When customizing your swingset with us, you can choose from any or all of the swing accessories listed above in red, blue, green or yellow. With dozens of unique playground accessories to choose from, we’re confident you’ll receive a top-quality playground your children will love!

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Star Quality Swingsets – Your Trusted Connection for Unique Playground Accessories!

While fun and adventure are exciting, safety is always the guiding principle behind every swing set and playground accessory we make. Our team is held to the highest standards in safety as we take great joy and responsibility in being your preferred swingset connection. In fact, we believe in our playground accessories and vinyl swing sets so much that we offer an extensive 20-year warranty on everything SQS!

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