4 Swingsets with Playhouses Your Kids Will Thank You For

best clubhouse with swingset

Only 27% of children say they regularly play outside at their home, compared to over 70% of the generation of their parents. With such a steep and sudden decrease, we’ve made it our mission to help parents and guardians create the ultimate backyard environment to motivate children to have more fun in the fresh air!

Swingsets with playhouses are a fun way that kids of all ages can enjoy the great outdoors with their friends and siblings in the safety of their own backyard. In this blog, you’ll discover 4 extraordinary swing sets with clubhouses, how to choose the best one for your needs AND where to shop great models near you. Keep reading to learn more – or see our entire collection of playset designs here!


Swing Set with Clubhouse Models Made in the USA

Playtime is anytime with these 4 exciting swing sets with clubhouses! Explore our 4 favorite playhouse and swingset pairings below and get pricing by contacting your nearest dealer:

  1. Play Station: Give your little astronauts the world at their feet with this super fun and affordable set! This standard swing set with clubhouse package features a wave slide, trapeze swings, ladder, and more so your children can stay active and occupied all day long! Learn more about the Play Station swing set
  2. Orion’s Hideout: The Orion’s Hideout is another kid-approved backyard playground set that is both durable and exhilarating. Its challenging rock wall, trapeze swing and 3 different slides pack enough excitement to satisfy children of all ages! Learn more about Orion’s Hideout swing set with clubhouse here.
  3. Galaxy Star: Take playtime to new heights with this multi-level backyard playset from Star Quality Swingsets! Children LOVE all the exciting places and spaces in this playhouse and swingset design like the cool clubhouse, spiral slide, soaring swings, and rock wall. Customize the colors and layout of this swingset with a playhouse when you contact a dealer about the Galaxy Star swing set today!
  4. Star Gazer: For kids with big imaginations, the Star Gazer playset will keep their creative minds active and inspired for hours. This large playhouse swing set brings the classic belt swings and baby swings to an exciting sandbox, play deck and spiral slide!

Our swing sets with clubhouses are made with quality materials and come in a variety of styles to fit any backyard or play area. Each swing set is designed for durability and safety, making them an ideal choice for any family. Of course, these 4 models are just the beginning of the dozens of options we offer. Take a look at ALL our quality vinyl playsets for sale from Lancaster County here!


How to Choose the Best Playhouse and Swingsets?

interior of a playhouse on a swing set

When it comes to your kids, you want only the best – and their outdoor adventures are no exception!

With so many different swing sets and accessories on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the galaxy of choices. To help direct you on the right path, here are some things to keep in mind when considering a swingset with a playhouse for your family…

Materials: Investing in a playhouse and swingset that will rot after just a few years is like buying a new car confidently knowing it’ll soon break down: a waste! Although there are plenty of wooden options on the market, vinyl swingsets with playhouses are the savvy-spender’s hack when shopping for long-lasting, low-maintenance playsets.

Size: Different sized kids require different sized toys. When you think about what size playhouse swingset to get, consider the age and height of the children who will be playing on it. At Star Quality Swingsets, we’re proud to offer both a 5-foot x 8-foot and a 8-foot x 8-foot playhouse tower!

Color: While it’s not necessarily a necessity, having a builder that can provide you with different playhouse color options invites an exciting and personal step in the swingset design process. When you partner with Star Quality Swingsets, you can choose from a variety of bold accessory colors like red, yellow, green and blue!


Shop Online for Playhouse Swingsets from Star Quality Swings!

If you’re looking for a swingset with a playhouse that will take your backyard to infinity and beyond, look no further than Star Quality Swingsets! With high-quality materials, flexible sizes, fun colors and swing set accessory options, these playhouses make sure that your kids have an out of this world adventure every time they step into the yard.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to playhouse swingsets, so we’d be honored if you’d consider Star Quality Swingsets for your purchase! Find your nearest dealer today to order or customize your own playhouse and swingset design.