Different Types of Swings That Kids Love

fun different types of swings that kids love

Every parent has childhood memories of the rushing wind in their hair and the free-flying escape found in the adventure of the swings. Now, with kids or grandkids of your own, choosing an age-appropriate, safe, and high-quality type of swing can bring those same joys of childhood to your backyard!

The playtime professionals here at Star Quality Swingsets have created this blog to walk you through the many types of swings and swingset accessories to transform your outdoor play area in the MOST fun way.

Keep reading to find out more about different types of swings or contact us online now to get started with taking your outdoor playtime to the next level.


9 Fun Types of Swings for Swingsets

Different types of swings are a window into the world of adventure for your child, allowing them to experience an adrenaline rush in a safety-conscious environment.

Here at Star Quality Swingsets, we offer a wide variety of swing types and accessories so that your children and their friends never get bored.

Here are 9 fun types of swings perfect for any age and interest:


Belt Swing: When you think of a classic swingset, this is probably the type of swing you envision! The traditional belt swing encourages kids to explore with adrenaline-pumping highs and lows and is recommended for kids 4+.

swingset types kids love


Baby Swing: Precious little ones can also embrace the pleasure of swinging with playground accessories designed for kids as young as twelve months old. Baby swings have a bucket design to prevent slipping so the parents and guardians can enjoy a worry-free experience!

types of swings that are fun for babies


High-Back Baby Swing: Out of all the different types of swings on the market, the high-back baby swing is one of the most trusted for infants. The high-back design provides back and neck support for kiddos that’s perfect for children ages two years old and up. Learn more about how to choose the perfect baby swing here!

different types of baby swings


Buoy Ball: Buoy ball swings offer an exhilarating experience for little tikes with a unique bounce that will keep them entertained for countless hours of fun.

bouncy ball swing type


Buoy Trapeze Ball: This athletic swing helps kids to build upper body strength while swinging from the trapeze combined with the bouncy swing experience of a buoy ball.

adventurous swing accessories


Tire Swing: Bring the classic fun of a tire swing to the 21st century in a versatile, more comfortable new way! Three and four chain tire swings for sale  are a top-loved option.

tire swing for swingset or playset


Safe-T-Glider: The Safe-T-Glider is double the fun since two kids can coordinate to swing together, developing cooperation skills while enjoying endless fun. This solution is also perfect for children who like to take it slow or need to learn how to swing with a family member or friend.

2-kid swingset swings


Trapeze: Trapeze bars supply adventurous kids with the unmatched opportunity to explore and learn challenging aerobatic tricks to do on the bar, all while building upper body strength.

climbing swing styles for swingsets


Hammock Swing: Both kids and parents agree – the hammock swing is a convenient and quick way to take a break or even a nap in the great outdoors!

hammock type of swing for playsets

At Star Quality Swingsets, we offer all of the above swing types in a wide selection of exciting accessory colors ranging from green, blue, yellow, red and even gray! Explore more of the wonderful world of swingset accessories and types of swings for swingsets by browsing online now.


Top Swing Types Compatible with Our Vinyl Playgrounds

Star Quality Swingsets is proud to supply all of the types of swings for swingsets featured above in combination with our most popular swingset models. You can mix and match the swing types that best fit your kids with popular models like the Space Station Galaxy Star E-90, featuring a playhouse, tower, rock wall, slide, swing beam, and more.

green types of swings for swingsets

The top 3 swing names of the most popular playset accessories are:

  • Belt swings
  • Trapeze bars
  • Safe-T-Gliders

You can add the various types of swings for swingsets you would like combined with any existing Star Quality Swingset model or customize types of swings and accessories to build an entire playset from the ground up. Your imagination is the only limit for exploring different types of swings!


Customize a Swingset with Their Favorite Type of Swing!

As a top US-based custom manufacturer for different types of swings, hundreds of parents and grandparents have trusted our team to bring their dream play areas to life for more than a decade. We design every type of swing with activities to stimulate children’s creativity while providing a durable quality build that will last for years to come.

Ready to send your kids to a world of imaginative outdoor play and exercise with different types of swings? Choose from our collection of popular swing names available online or request a custom build to make your dream swingset a reality.

Enter your zip code now to find your nearest dealer for pricing and availability based on the type of swing or swing name featured in this article that you would like for your family. Or, see custom playset inspiration when you browse on online gallery today.