Tower Playsets That Your Kids Will Love

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Having ANY swing set in their backyard is a thrill for almost every kid! There’s simply nothing better than having all of the fun of the park in your own backyard — available whenever they want to play on it. Even better than that, though, is having a truly AMAZING swing set right out back of your house! Our tower playsets provide all of the fun of swinging with the added advantage of one or more epic towers to climb and slide down from!

At Star Quality Swingsets, we build a line of high-quality vinyl playsets that kids all over the country love. From basic swings to jumbo sets, we build a huge variety of different sets that are perfect for different kids and different budgets. Keep reading to check out some of our most popular tower playsets that you can bring home today!

Four Favorite Tower Swing Sets

Each of these tower swing sets are different and exciting in their own ways! The one thing they all have in common is one or more grand towers as the centerpiece. Check out four favorites and see what makes them special:

Silver Star

tower swing sets

The Silver Star is truly a classic backyard playset! Three side-by-side swings ensure that there’s always a seat for everyone who wants one. Of course, this set is all about the tower. Check out the gangplank paired with the long slide! Plus, the tower makes for a great kids’ clubhouse for all sorts of imagination games.

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Here’s the perfect set for kids who love to climb! The Starburst tower comes with a rock wall, a ladder, a slide, and a cargo net for climbing. Plus, this tower swing set also features monkey bars to add even more high-energy ways to play. On top of all of those fun features, there are four different fun swings to try, too!

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double tower swing set

This double tower swing set means double the fun! While the Starburst and the Silver Star each have one great tower, the Nebula features TWO! Kids are able to climb the ladder, rock wall, or cargo net up to the first tower — then they can scamper up to the second level from there! The added height also means that this set can have a super tall spiral slide — always an exciting addition to any set.

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Lucky Star

huge tower playset

This tower playset is bigger and more exciting than what you’d find in the local park! The Lucky Star features four towers connected with tubes and bridges. This fully loaded set features four different slides and four swings — plus a set of monkey bars. Truly, this set packs everything a kid could ever want and is a dream-come-true for children of all ages!

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Design Your Own Playset with Us

While all of these tower swing sets are great, Star Quality Swingsets allows you to design your own playset, too. Our goal is to provide the best possible custom playsets, complete with accessories, that are tailored to your kids and how they like to play. Our dedicated crew of professionals has years of experience creating custom play sets that provide hours of entertainment, exercise, and physical development for your children.

Bring Home Your Tower Playset Today

If any of these tower playsets caught your eye, we’d love to help you bring it home. However, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg. You can check out our full line of playsets to shop even more classic models!

If you’re ready to take the next step, you’ll want to find your nearest Star Quality Swingsets dealer. We sell our products all across the country through our dedicated dealer network. To find your local expert, enter your zip code right here!