What is the Expected Swingset Lifetime for Amish Built Sets?

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As a smart parent and savvy spender, you want to make sure you’re getting the most for your investment by asking the question, “How long does a swing set last?”. While there are many different types of long-lasting swingset materials, in this blog we’re sharing the two most popular options: vinyl and wood.

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  1. How Long Does an Amish Built Vinyl Swingset Last?
  2. How Long Does a Wooden Swingset Last?


How Long Does a Swing Set Last?

Every parent and grandparent wants to know: How long does a swing set last?

While a swingset’s lifespan varies depending on a number of factors, like the material it’s built from and where it’s manufactured, you can expect the average swingset lifetime to last anywhere from 10-20 years. If given the proper care and maintenance, some Amish vinyl swing sets can last for over two decades!

Below we’re highlighting the two most popular types of swingsets – along with how long each option last. Keep reading to learn more about wooden and vinyl swingset lifetimes!


Amish Vinyl Swing Set Lifespan

What do you get when you pair the quality of hardworking Amish craftsmen with the most durable playground material on the market? An Amish vinyl swing set that lasts for decades! Unlike wood sets, vinyl swing sets will never splinter, warp, or rot – giving your kids an entire childhood of playful memories!

Of all models on the market, expect an Amish vinyl swing set lifespan to be the longest. With the proper care and attention, a vinyl swingset’s lifetime can last 25-30 years!

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Not only are Amish vinyl swing set lifespans proven to be the longest, but ours also come standard with a 20-year warranty, meaning you’re guaranteed at LEAST 20 years of fun! See all of the imagination-sparking vinyl swing set models from Star Quality Swingsets – and get a custom price now!


How Long Do Wooden Swing Sets Last?

The answer to knowing how long a wooden swing set lasts is a bit more complicated than vinyl considering the numerous factors that play into it’s durability. On average, a well-made wood swing set lifespan is around 10-15 years. However, one from a less-than-ideal manufacturer can fall apart after just the first year of use!

If you’re shopping for a wooden swing set, be sure to ask the manufacturer about the type of wood, treatment they use, and their quality’s reputation. One sure-fire sign to know how long a wooden swing set lasts is to take a look at the company’s warranty. If it’s unnecessarily complicated (or they don’t have one at all), it’s a red flag.

To help extend a wooden swing set’s lifetime, you’ll need to perform regular annual maintenance like staining and scrubbing.


Extend Your Swingset’s Lifetime with SQS!

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Extending your swingset’s lifetime means designing it with the right materials from the start.

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