7 Things they Don’t Tell You About Wooden Playground Sets

wooden playground set maintenance

When it comes to your children and your property, you want only the best.

Choosing a swing set that offers both safety AND durability is vital. While wooden playground sets may be a popular option due to their classic look and low-price tag, there are several concerning issues that parents should consider before making a purchase.

In this blog, we’ll explore four of the biggest red flags with cheap wooden swing sets, from the labor-intensive maintenance required to prevent splintering, to the overall cost of ownership so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right outdoor playset for your family.

Keep reading to learn more about the downsides to wooden outdoor playsets – or contact Star Quality Swingsets now for a maintenance-free, durable alternative!


Downsides of Cheap Wooden Swing Sets

When it comes to outdoor swing sets, wooden playground sets can be an affordable and attractive option for families. However, buying a cheap wooden swing set may come with drawbacks that can lead to safety hazards for children. Watch out for these serious shortcomings with outdoor wooden swing sets…

pros and cons of cheap wooden swingsets

  1. Underwhelming Quality of Materials: Often made from low-quality materials, cheap wooden swing sets can quickly deteriorate over time. Wood is prone to rotting, splintering, and cracking, which can pose potential danger for kids.
  2. Regular, Ongoing Maintenance: Whether you buy a cheap wooden swing set or one of higher quality, regular staining, sealing, and other repairs will be necessary to prevent weathering and rotting that can make the playset unsafe for children.
  3. Poor Construction: Poor construction increases the risk of injury for children. Beware of loose or poorly secured components on wooden playground sets since they are often constructed without much attention to detail.
  4. Limited Safety Features: Cheap wooden swing sets may lack important safety features like rounded edges or smooth surfaces, which can increase the risk of injury from splinters and sharp corners.
  5. Extreme Design Limitations– Have you noticed that most outdoor wooden swing sets look the same? The fact is that wood can’t be molded in the same way vinyl can, limiting the features and accessories that can be added to your playset, such as multiple slides, tunnels, and climbing walls. Wooden outdoor playsets also don’t come in vibrant, kid-friendly colors that make vinyl playsets appealing for kids.
  6. Splinters & Breaking – Whether you buy a cheap wooden swing set or one of higher quality, splinters will always be a primary concern. Over time, rotting wood creates sharp edges, increasing the risk of splinters and other injuries!
  7. Shorter Lifespan than Other Materials – Outdoor wooden swing sets have a shorter duration compared to vinyl swing set lifespans due to their susceptibility to damage from weather conditions, rot, and mold. Over time, wood can become weathered, warped, or cracked, as well as being susceptible to insect infestations, which can cause further damage to the structure and make it unsafe for use.

Are Wooden Outdoor Playsets Worth It?

As you now know, wooden playground sets come with an alarming number of drawbacks from material durability to design. Because of the ongoing regular maintenance that is required, the short lifespan and the limited safety features, most experts say that wooden outdoor playsets are NOT worth the investment – especially when there are so many better options on the market!

One of the top-rated swing set materials on the market today is vinyl. Unlike wooden outdoor playsets, vinyl ones do not warp, crack, splinter or break! These wooden playground set alternatives prove to be an affordable solution for families searching for a long-lasting and creative supply of fun.

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Wooden Playground Set Alternatives from Star Quality Swingsets!

wooden outdoor playset alternative: vinyl swingsets

With a focus on safety and durability, Star Quality Swingsets offers a variety of vinyl playground sets that cater to families seeking an alternative to traditional wooden outdoor playsets. Our vinyl swing sets are crafted from high-quality materials, designed for children of all ages, easy to maintain, and built with safety in mind. Plus, Star Quality Swingsets provides installation services to ensure that your playground set is installed safely and securely!

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