How the Right Swing Set Can Last a Lifetime

Child on Slide

When you think about your childhood, you probably have a lot of fond memories. Maybe it’s going to county fairs each fall or spending summers taking trips with family, they vary for everyone, of course. But, hopefully most of us have one happy memory in common—playing on a swing set!

Whether you played on a swing set in your backyard or enjoyed hopping around on local playground equipment, it always tends to be sad when you see those old swing sets from your childhood worn down or destroyed by age. What if your children’s swing set memories didn’t have to fade away with time and weather damage?

When you purchase a vinyl swing set from Star Quality Swings, you’ll be investing in fond memories for years and generations to come. We want the laughter and fun that outdoor play can bring to be a permanent part of your family’s traditions, which is why we highly recommend our vinyl playsets over those made from other common materials like wood or aluminum.

Why Choose Vinyl Playsets

While wooden or metal swing sets are a common sight in parks, we always recommend choosing vinyl over any other material. Wood will splinter and weaken over time, causing possible painful or dangerous hazards for little ones. In addition, metal will rust and become unsightly and uncomfortable, but vinyl will look brand new for years to come. With a simple wash from a hose, your vinyl swing set will look like new again!

Vinyl playsets are also virtually maintenance-free. Instead of spending time touching up your swing set every season, a simple rinse will have it ready to go in no time. Plus, vinyl tends to not be as hot to the touch as wood or metal in the summer since it doesn’t conduct as much heat.

Reinforced Joints

Since safety and quality are always top of mind for us, Star Quality Swings uses extra joints to reinforce and ensure stability. All of our swing sets’ metal brackets are also powder-coated to resist rusting and weather wearing over time. Even the swing chains are coated, ensuring you’re purchasing a lifetime swing set and not one that will last for only a few seasons like many of those found in stores.

Heavy Duty Plastics

All of our swing sets use pressure-treated wood for stability before they are covered in a high-quality, durable vinyl plastic. These vinyl casings are what ensure your swing set will remain beautiful throughout the years, no matter the color choices you make for the structure itself.

In addition, all of our slides use super heavy-duty, thick molded plastic—you can always be sure that every material used for your swing set is of the highest quality when you purchase from us at Star Quality Swings.

20-Year Guarantee

Here at Star Quality Swings, we are so sure of our products, we offer a 20-year guarantee on all properly installed swing sets. If you are the original purchaser of the swing set and it’s installed at your residential location, we guarantee a 20-year warranty on the structural components. Any accessories like slides, swings, canopies, and other add-ons are guaranteed to be free from defect for 5 years from the original purchase date.

Make the Best Swing Set Choice Possible

The best part of purchasing a swing set from Star Quality Swings, is knowing that you’ll be making an investment for years to come. From our family to yours, we’ve been in the swing set business and providing for families like yours for over a decade. We stand behind our work and look forward to hearing from you soon—contact us today with any questions, or to make your next purchase!