Swing Set Stairs With Metal Handrails

Available for 5' high decks.

Our stairs with metal handrails are a popular choice for families with younger children. They are also great for adults because there is no rail at the top, allowing you to walk right on up into the tower without bending over and crawling underneath the rail.

Available for 5′ deck heights only.

A vinyl swing set is a classic addition to any backyard, and it can provide hours of fun for kids of all ages! If you’re thinking about adding a playset to your home, you might want to consider adding swing set stairs as well. Stairs can help kids to explore different height levels and get a new perspective on things. They can also provide a challenge for more adventurous youngsters. And, of course, stairs can add an extra element of safety to your swing set. By making it easy for kids to get up and down from the swings, you can help to prevent falls and injuries. So if you’re looking for a way to add more fun and safety to your swing set, consider adding some playset stairs.

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Any parent knows that it can be a challenge to find safe, fun, and durable outdoor toys for their children. Our playset stairs are made with premium vinyl that is resistant to yellowing, meaning that they will stay looking great for years to come. In addition, the vinyl we use is slip resistant and has five times the tensile strength of wood, making it safe for kids to play on. Best of all, our swing set stairs require virtually no maintenance, so you can spend less time worrying about your set and more time with your family. When it comes to finding the perfect playset for your child, look no further than Star Quality Swingsets. Ready to add a set of stairs to your swing set? Contact us or find a dealer near you to get started!

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