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Super Nova E-63

This Model Features

Color: White Vinyl, Blue Trim, Blue Accents

Tower: 5’ x 8’ Playhouse Base, 5’ x 5’ Playhouse, 3’ x 5’ Play Deck, 5’ Deck Height, 5' x 5' A-Frame

Roof: Gable Roof

Climber: Entrance Ladder w/ Handrail, Rock Wall Cargo Net Combo, 12' Ramp w/ Rope

Connector: 6' 6" Bridge w/ Rails

Slide: Turbo Tube Slide, 10’ Wonder Wave Slide

Swing Beam: 4-Position Single Beam

Swings: Trapeze, (2) Belt Swings, Hammock Swing, 3 Chain Tire Swing

Add-Ons: Tic-Tac-Toe, Bubble Panel, (2) Windows w/ Screens & Shutters

Recommended Amount of Mulch: 5 Tons

Reccomended Amount of Border Material: 146’

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Overall Size: 42‘ W x 31’ L

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