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Star Light

This Model Features

Color: White Vinyl, Gray Trim, Gray Accents

Tower: 4x6 w/ 6' deck height. Decking at ground level

Roof: 4x6 Vinyl

Climber: 6' Entrance Ladder, 6' Rockwall

Slide: 12' Avalanche, 6' Spiral Slide

Swing Beam: Extra High 3 position Single Beam, Yardsaver climber unit

Swings: 2 Belt Swings, Baby Swing, High Back, Baby Swing (under tower)

Recommended Amount of Mulch: 3 Tons

Reccomended Amount of Border Material: 30 Pcs

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On average, customer spend $9200.00 on Star Light with custom options

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Overall Size: 24 x 19

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