Our Best-Loved Vinyl Playsets for Sale


When you reach for a Star Quality playset, the possibilities are unlimited! While the option to design your own set from the ground up is always a possibility, many parents start with our standard models of vinyl playsets for sale. All of these kids’ playsets are designed to provide outstanding options for fast-paced outdoor excitement for children of all ages!

Check out our models of vinyl playsets for sale and you will see a range of different styles that come at different price ranges. Plus, our sets come with a variety of swings, slides, towers and accessories to ensure that there is a perfect option for however they like to play. Explore all our popular lines of playground sets – and find your favorite right here!

Your Options for Playsets


When we say the possibilities are as enormous as the night sky, we mean it! With our six lines of playground sets and several models within each family, you have TONS of choices to match your budget, your yard and the way your kids like to play.

Star Gazer Series


These simple but super-fun kids’ playsets are the best budget option from Star Quality! All of these sets feature a sturdy swing beam for hours upon hours of fun. On top of that, several of the Star Gazer sets have a small open tower with slides and climbing options!