Kid-Approved Backyard Playground Ideas Trending in 2023

playground ideas for the backyard

As a parent, you probably have fond memories of endlessly playing on a swing set as a child. And though you want the same thing for your own children, you KNOW it has to be a bigger, better, more modern backyard playground idea to keep them interested for hours.

Today’s blog premiers the newest innovative swing set ideas blasting off in 2023! We’ll explore the most playful ideas for backyard playgrounds that will have your little ones off the couch and enjoying the outdoors. Keep reading to discover the kid-approved swing set designs for 2023 – or shop all of our adventurous playset models online now!


Playful Backyard Swingset Ideas for 2023

While they may seem old-school, a good swing set design will NEVER go out of style. Whether it’s an ode to the classic tire swing or a custom approach to an elaborate, contemporary design, there is no bad backyard swing set idea!

These 5 genius playset ideas trending in 2023 will help you achieve the most fun backyard on the block.

Bring the spirit of adventure to your outdoor space with these 2023 backyard playground ideas that have received the kid stamp of approval.

Bigger is Better



For homes with the luxury of extra backyard space for friends and family, the sky is truly the limit in terms of the size of your personal playground. In 2023, expect to see big playset ideas that take imaginative fun to the next level!


Adventure-Starting Swings

fun swings for kid's swingsets in 2023

Although towers and slides are great, the real star of 2023’s best backyard playground ideas are the swings! We’re not just talking about the classic belt swing, we’re talking about bouncy buoy balls, gliders, and anything that gets the adrenaline flowing. Learn more about adventurous swing set accessories


The Climb of Their Lives

swingset designs with rock climbing wall

Providing kids with the time of their lives is kick-started by providing them with the climbing obstacles they need to reach the peak of fun! Cargo nets, rock walls and monkey bars are just a few of the exuberating swing set ideas that will keep children entertained as they grow older and taller.

Shopping for a swingset for older kids? Here are our expert’s top recommended models!


An Oasis for Adults

picnic table with swing set

It’s 2023, which means parents and grandparents should get to enjoy their kid’s swingsets just as much as they do! Create a peaceful adult-focused oasis hidden within your swing set design by incorporating any of our relaxing add-ons, like a picnic table or hammock swing!


Muted Colors

simple backyard playground design idea

As is the case in many other industries, muted and neutral colors are taking over the 2023 trend charts! While our vinyl swingsets and accessories for sale come in a variety of bright colors like red, yellow, and blue, the most popular swingset color combination is green and white. These colors are projected to be a common backyard swing set idea this year, especially since it is a subtle view against most landscapes!

This is just the beginning of ALL the creative swing set designs you can bring to life in 2023 – and beyond! If any of these ideas struck inspiration or if you’d like to get a quote on customizing your own creation, please reach out to any of our Star Quality Swingset dealers.

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Recommended Swing Set Designs & Models

Star Quality Swingsets provides a wide range of swing set designs and models to level up your backyard:

  • Star Gazer series: This simple, stylish, and fun series is the best budget-friendly option with sturdy swing beams and a variety of tower, slide, and climbing options.
  • Star Tower series: These swing set designs come with a full tower, roof and single slide. The larger Star Tower models also come with exciting accessory options like gangplanks, rock walls, slides, and much more!
  • Double Star Tower: The Double Star Tower series multiplies the fun of the Star Tower by two, with a minimum of two full towers on top of each other or connected by bridges.
  • Sky Climber series: The Sky Climber series is a line of space-efficient models that’s perfect for small backyards. One model can fit multiple swings, a slide, and a rock wall into a narrow space.
  • Space Station series: The Space Station series offers the largest backyard playground ideas and designs in our collections, with clubhouses built into the design for maximum fun!

No matter the base model you choose, know that all of our swing set designs can be customized and tailored to your specific wishes! Designing your own outdoor swingset is easy and fun with Star Quality Swingsets – see for yourself when you get connected with one of our awesome dealers.


Bring Your Backyard Playground Ideas to Life with Star Quality Swingsets!

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