5 Traits of the Best Playset Brands

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The very best playsets deliver the most exciting play experience for kids – and a handful of smart advantages that matter to parents. To help choosy parents make an informed choice, we’re highlighting what the very best playset brands offer!

At Star Quality Swingsets, we build a popular line of vinyl swing sets that kids (and parents) all over the country love. We are proud to count ourselves among the best playset builders as we strive to put quality, convenience, and excitement into every single set we make. Keep reading to see what traits make for the best playset brands – and see why each of them makes such a big difference.

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What to Look for in the Best Swing Set Brand

In 2022, there are more companies that manufacture and sell swing sets than ever before. All of those brand options can make it hard to differentiate top-of-the line playsets that you do want in your backyard from imitators that might let you and your kids down. These are the 5 essential traits that define all of the best swing set brands:

  1. All-Vinyl Construction – This is the most obvious sign of a truly high-quality set. All of the best playset brands will build their sets out of a wood frame and sheath it in vinyl. A vinyl exterior is essential to ensure that the set stays immune to the rot and mold that can destroy an exposed wooden set – and this is why our sets can literally last for decades. In addition, that vinyl protection means you’ll never need to worry about having to paint, stain, or maintain the set (something every busy parent appreciates). Lastly, the vinyl exterior means your kids will never get splinters while they play!
  2. Range of Models & Prices – Another thing to look for in the best swing set brands is that they offer models for everyone. You should be able to find a range of sets that range from jumbo sets that outdo the local park as well as basic models that are better for smaller yards. This ensures that no matter your budget and the space you have available, you have access to a standout swing set for your children! See our average playset prices right here!
  3. Built in the USA – While you might not be able to tell just from looking at the set, this is a key distinction for true premium products. Some playset brands build their sets in huge factories overseas and then ship them over here. Ultimately, by building their sets outside the US, they oftentimes come with manufacturer defects and other mistakes that make the sets less fun and – at the very worst – unsafe. However, at Star Quality Swingsets, all of our playsets are built right here in the USA by skilled Amish craftsmen!
  4. Custom Design Options – Every kid is different and enjoys a different style of outdoor fun. Some kids may like unique swings and slides, while others want super tall tower playsets. That’s why giving parents and kids the option to customize their set is an essential advantage that the best playset companies all provide. When you build with us, you have the option to mix and match accessories and even work with our team to design your set from the ground up.
  5. Will Install for You – Not only should the product be absolutely top-of-the-line, but the experience of installing it in your backyard should be, too. One of the traits of the best swing set brands is that they have a network of local companies to handle the installation for you. That way you don’t need to worry about struggling through a complicated DIY project or trying to find a local pro who knows what they’re doing. All you need to do is let the experts do their work and then have fun playing with your kids! At Star Quality Swingsets, we sell our products through an expert dealer network that takes care of everything for you!


Bonus Trait: Check the Warranty

Savvy shoppers know to always look at the warranty when trying to judge product quality. After all, if the company doesn’t have much faith in what they make, why should you? This holds especially true for products used outdoors and products that will be used frequently (like a playset)!

At Star Quality, we believe in every single one of our sets, so we back each of them with a no-hassle 20-year warranty. Learn more about our warranty program right here!

Best playset brands for children to play on

Shop the Best Playset Brand

Your kids will love how much fun they have on their brand new Star Quality backyard swing set – and you’ll love its low-maintenance and safety. If you want to shop from one of the best playset brands on the market, we’d love to help.

The first step is to find your local expert who will help you pick your model and get you a price to take care of the installation. Enter your zip code right here to find your local dealer!