6 Backyard Play Structures That Are 100% Worth It

Outdoor Play Structure in white and green vinyl

Every backyard holds the potential to be a launchpad for young ones’ wildest dreams, especially with an imagination-inspiring outdoor playset.

A stellar backyard play structure isn’t just a slide or a swing set; it’s a doorway to endless adventures and starry-eyed escapades right in the comfort of your own yard.

When it comes to children’s play structures, safety, strength, and durability are key. If you’re on a quest to find the perfect swingset for your little one, you’ll find the best outdoor play structures on the market listed here! Or, if you’re ready to shop, you can also head to Star Quality Swingsets’ website to see the full collection of stellar vinyl backyard playsets now.


What to Look for When Shopping for a Backyard Play Structure

Before buying an outdoor play structure, it’s important to have some criteria in mind to ensure you pick the best model for your family. Here are some things to look for when deciding on an outdoor play structure:

  1. Quality Counts: When it comes to choosing the best outdoor play structure, quality should be a top priority. Look for top-notch materials that won’t warp, cause injuries, or fall apart when faced with the elements and boisterous play sessions (like vinyl)!
  2. Safety First: Beyond all the fun and games, swing set safety for your little adventurers is paramount. Look for play structures with rounded edges, non-slip surfaces, and secure anchors. Vinyl playsets generally edge out wooden or metal ones by eliminating the risk of splinters and sharp edges.
  3. Built to Last: Durability isn’t just about withstanding the elements. It’s about ensuring the playset remains a favorite fixture for years! Vinyl, renowned for its resilience, promises endless adventures without the typical wear you might find in other materials.
  4. Adapt and Expand: Children grow, and their interests evolve, so it’s wise to invest in a structure that can adapt to these changes. You may want to consider a small play structure to start, then add extensions or modifications as your children get older.

While all materials have their merits, vinyl outdoor play structures shine brightest in this vast space of choices. They offer an unbeatable combination of safety, durability, and adaptability, ensuring your backyard will be a hub of fun-filled exploration for years to come.


Large Children’s Play Structures

As kids grow, their imaginations grow with them, so they need bigger play spaces to accommodate their physical and creative growth. A large backyard play structure gives growing youngsters the space to expand their imaginations and methods of play. If you’re looking for an ample-size play set that will accommodate a wide range of ages, these are some of the top-rated models:


Milky Way Climber

Large children's playset for backyard

With two towers connected by a crawl tunnel, a spiral slide, an avalanche slide, and a swing set beam that can accommodate three swings, the Milky Way Climber is perfect for creative kids craving backyard adventures. Crafted from enduring vinyl, it promises durability and low maintenance.


Moon Walk

Big backyard play structure for kids to play outdoors

Kids of all ages will love exploring new realms on the Moon Walk. The two tower heights provide access to the avalanche and spiral slides, and the swing set has multiple attachments, including a trapeze bar, tire swing, belt swing, and Safe-T-Glider.


Galaxy Star

Big backyard swingset for kids

The sky’s the limit when it comes to play sessions on the Galaxy Star! This comprehensive playset has everything kids could want in an outdoor play structure, including a roofed playhouse with windows and a door, an open-sided tower, two slides, and a swing set swing beam where they can soar high toward the sun and stars.

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Small Play Structures for Kids

Every little explorer deserves a universe of fun, even in compact spaces. If you’re seeking a small play structure that is perfectly sized for budding astronauts and their backyard expeditions, these are some of the top-rated models:


small backyard play structures with white and green vinyl

The Stardust small backyard play structure is an all-in-one adventure station that won’t take up too much space. The structure is cleverly designed with an entrance ladder in front and cargo net and rock wall combo in back, as well as a slide, with swings on either side.


Star II  

outdoor small play structures with red and yellow vinyl

Both younger and older kids can enjoy hours of fun on the Star II. This sturdy vinyl outdoor play structure features a 10′ wonder wave slide, a tower with a play deck, and a swing set swing beam with two belt swings and a trapeze with hand rings. Even better, you can customize it with your favorite colors.


Star Explorer

Best outdoor play structures for kids to play with

Ignite young people’s imaginations with the Star Explorer swing set. Featuring multiple areas to swing, slide, climb, and convene, this multi-purpose play set will quickly become the command center for all the kids in the household and neighborhood.

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Where to Shop the Best Outdoor Play Structures

Star Quality Swingsets is the go-to destination for premium backyard play structures. Each of our children’s play structures is meticulously crafted from durable, high-quality vinyl and designed with safety, fun, and longevity in mind. Plus, with our wide range of attractive designs, including expansive models with multiple features and small play structures for tighter spaces, there’s a perfect fit for every space, big or small.

Shop for top-tier Star Quality play structures through our trusted dealer network today!