6-Steps to Creating a Safe Playground: Tips, Swings & More

Tips for a Safer Playground

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, each year, more than 200,000 children go to hospitals with injuries associated with playground equipment. Don’t let your child be one of them!

Whether you’re planning your own out-of-this-world backyard playset or designing a community park, ensuring the wellbeing of the children who enjoy it is undoubtedly the top priority. While the initial step towards achieving this involves choosing a reliable swingset brand and installer, there are additional measures and resources that can be embraced to enhance safety.

In today’s blog, you’ll find practical ways to ensure your new playground is a safe playground. Keep reading to learn more about where to find safe playground equipment, safe swing set manufacturers, and other tips to keep you worry-free while your children are playing care-free!

The Importance of Playground Safety Surfacing

Safest swingset surface ideas

When it comes to creating the safest swing set possible, it starts from the literal ground up!

Playground safety surfacing refers to the material on the ground designed to reduce the impact of falls and minimize injuries on playgrounds: a few common options are wood mulch, engineered play mats, and more. For residential playsets, the optimal choice of playground safety surfacing is rubber mulch, offering durability and resistance to decomposition. Unlike wood chips, it also avoids attracting insects.

Safe playground surfacing is important because it assists with:

  • Injury Prevention: The presence of proper playground safety surfacing can significantly reduce the risk of serious injuries, such as fractures or head trauma. Unlike hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt, safety surfacing absorbs impact, cushioning falls and providing a protective barrier between the child and the ground.
  • Weather Resistance: Rubber mulch is a playground safety surface that dries quickly and doesn’t rot – meaning your kiddos can spend more time playing, and less time waiting.
  • Durability: Investing in a quality surface is one of our best playground safety tips! Great materials are resistant to wear and tear, plus – they won’t need to be replaced even with frequent use.  

The safest swing sets and playgrounds have a combination of intentional features beyond the just surface. Customize your own swing set now!


Safe Playground Equipment

Safe playground equipment is crucial for ensuring the well-being and physical development of children while they engage in outdoor play. One of our best playground safety tips is when selecting playground equipment, consider various factors to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

Here are some key aspects to focus on:

Vinyl Construction

Safe Playground Models for Backyards

The safest swing sets are made from high-quality vinyl that ensures a splinter-free, rot-free, rust-free environment for decades to come. Vinyl swing sets also tend to not be as hot to the touch as metal or wood alternatives – an invaluable feature for public or backyard safe playgrounds alike!


Bucket and Full Back Swings

Safest playground equipment and swings for toddlers

Designed to cater to various age groups, bucket swings and full back swings share common attributes as safe playground equipment. These fun types of swings have back support and front guard for added stability and a safeguard against imbalance or potential falls.


Non-Slip Surfaces

Safe Swingset Steps

Non-skid grip tape plays a crucial role in enhancing safe playground equipment. This specially designed tape is engineered to provide an added layer of traction, creating a secure and stable surface when running or climbing.


Cushioned Landing Pads

Cushioned pads for playsets

Add an extra layer of protection with a rubber landing pad under swings or slides!


Ground-Level Toys and Accessories

Safest Playset Accessories for Kids

Many swingset accidents happen from falling, so to prevent falling, encourage kids to play on the ground by adding toys and entertainment on the ground-level. Some popular choices of ground level swingset accessories for safe playgrounds include tic-tac-toe boards for the competitive kiddos, trading posts for playing store or restaurant, or steering wheels for imaginary race tracks!


Rubber Coated Swing Chains

Playground Safety Surfacing - Rubber Mulch

Another trait safe playgrounds should have are rubber coated swing chains. This protective padding prevents little fingers from getting pinched or injured like standard metal chains often do!

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Most Dangerous Playset Accessories

In the process of designing a secure playground for your backyard, church, school, daycare, or any property, understanding the elements that potentially pose higher risks can contribute to enhanced safety measures.

The primary contributors to playground injuries stem from the following features:

  • Monkey Bars
  • Climbing equipment
  • Merry-Go-Rounds
  • Extra-tall towers
  • Sea-saws

It’s important to acknowledge that poor maintenance, insufficient supervision, inadequate playground safety surfacing, and subpar construction can also significantly impact the overall safety of the playset. By recognizing these potential hazards and taking proactive steps, you can create a safe playground that prioritizes the well-being of children and minimizes potential risks!


Where Can You Find the Safest Swing Sets?

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Collage of the safest swingsets from Star Quality Swingsets

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