Our Most Popular Backyard Jungle Gym Models

outdoor jungle gym for children

As adults, there’s only a handful of distinct things that we remember from our childhoods: the joy of your favorite pet, your first school talent show, and of course, that one friend that ALWAYS had the best stuff. Whether it was a super-cool swimming pool, the latest toys, or even a private backyard playground, everyone wanted to be them!

Now, as a parent, don’t you wish you could give your own child the privilege to be “that” kid? Introducing our very best line-up of backyard jungle gyms: the ultimate way to bring infinite hours of fun and excitement to your family’s lives!

The backyard jungle gyms highlighted below are packed with lots of exciting features to run, climb, slide, and swing on, all in awesome play structures! Although the possibilities are infinite with our custom swing set options, we’re shining a spotlight on 5 superior outdoor jungle gyms that will ignite their imaginations!

Blast-off to fun with these out-of-this world jungle gym playground models from Star Quality Swingsets.


Top 5 Residential Outdoor Jungle Gyms

These outdoor jungle gyms are as diverse as the imaginations they inspire, each offering a unique play experience while sharing an unwavering commitment to top-tier quality. Whether it’s the adventurous climbers, thrilling slides, or classic swings, every detail is meticulously designed for backyard playground safety and maximum fun. You can request pricing on any of the backyard jungle gym models you see below by inquiring on our website.

Take playtime to new heights with these best-selling outdoor jungle gyms!

Star Gazer

outdoor jungle gyms for kids

This awesome jungle gym playground is an affordable adventure hub designed for kids of all ages. Scale the Tower Entrance Ladder, conquer the challenging Rockwall, and embark on an exhilarating journey down the 10′ Wonder Wave Slide. With a 3-Position Swing Beam featuring 2 Belt Swings and a Trapeze, the Star Gazer offers endless fun and thrills that will leave your young explorers reaching for the stars in their own backyard galaxy!

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Sky Climber

backyard jungle gym models

Introducing the Sky Climber backyard jungle gym – a smart and space-efficient outdoor playset that’s the epitome of excitement! This jungle gym swingset has everything kids dream of, from conquering the Rock Wall Cargo Net Combo to mastering the Monkey Bars. Plus, the added bonus of a Tire Swing ensures that the fun never stops on this action-packed jungle gym playground set!

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Play Station

Jungle Gym Playground for Kids

The Play Station is the ULTIMATE outdoor jungle gym for little ones with big imaginations! These Space Station-inspired models not only offer thrilling play options but also spark imaginative adventures. From hosting tea parties to putting on theatrical shows, the vinyl playhouse is a versatile hub of endless fun, ensuring every day is a new and exciting journey for your kids!

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Space Shuttle

Backyard Jungle Gyms for Kids

Blast off into a world of double the fun with our Space Shuttle! This supersized set takes outdoor play to new heights with not one but two play towers, two thrilling slides, and two belt swings that promise non-stop adventure. Designed for both young and older kids, including those 10 and up, this backyard jungle gym has everything needed to create lasting memories.

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Bright Star

vinyl jungle gym swingset

Featuring a double tower design, the Bright Star set combines an open-air play deck equipped with a pirate wheel and telescope for high-seas adventures, while below, a secret hideout awaits for endless creative play like running a store or playing house. With classic swing set elements and an exhilarating slide, it’s the perfect children’s jungle gym swingset for creative, energetic, active, and playful kiddos to embark on thrilling journeys of fun and exploration!

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Design Your Children’s Jungle Gym Playground Here

While the backyard jungle gym models we’ve listed above are undoubtedly out of this world, we understand that one size doesn’t always fit all – that’s why we believe in the power of customization.

Tailoring your children’s jungle gym to your specific preferences and needs offers hundreds of unique advantages. When you customize a jungle gym playground, you have the flexibility to choose the size that suits your available space, the colors that match your style, and the accessories that cater to your kids’ interests. You can even adjust the height and layout to create a truly unique play environment. Plus—it’s often more affordable than you might think!


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With a commitment to excellence, top-notch customization options, and a focus on your child’s well-being, we’re the go-to choice for parents who want the very best for their little adventurers.

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