Average vs. Tall Swing Sets: What Size Playset Do You Need?

Standard swing set height compared to tall ones

Swing sets are a cornerstone of imaginative play, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills in children aged 12 months to 13+. Of course, the preferences and needs of those at the younger end of this range vary significantly different from those of their older peers. So, to cater to this diverse age range, backyard playsets are designed with an array of features, which notably encompass variations in swingset heights.

In this article, you’ll not only learn about the standard swing set height but also explore the benefits of tall swing sets and gain insights into selecting the perfect choice for your family and growing children.

Blast-off into our swing set size guide now, explore some tall swing set options, or take a closer look at the possibilities offered by our splinterless vinyl swing sets. Your path to the perfect playset starts here!


What is the Swing Set Height Standard for Swing Beams?

The swing set height standard, often referred to as “average swing set height,” is a crucial factor to consider when planning your outdoor play area. This standard is essential for both the optimal enjoyment and the playground safety.

Average Swingset Height for Small Children
  • Swing Set Beam Height Standard: The swing set height standard typically falls within the range of 6 to 8 feet from the ground to the crossbeam of the swing bar. This range is applicable to both residential and commercial playsets, meeting safety and usability standards across various settings.
  • Standard Play Deck Height: Additionally, a common feature on swing sets is a play deck located atop the tower, which averages around 5 feet in height.


Tall swingset model for older kids
  • Tall Swing Beam Height: For those seeking a more thrilling swinging experience or catering to older kids, tall swing sets with high swing beams reach heights typically ranging from 8 to 10 feet. These taller sets provide a greater sense of excitement and challenge for adventurous taller children and teenagers. Likewise, many commercial playground sets and accessories are compatible with this tall swing set height.
  • Tall Swing Set Deck Height: Correspondingly, the play decks on tall swing sets are elevated to approximately 7 feet. This height adds a new dimension of exploration and fun for kids who crave a bit more excitement in their playtime.

Although these are general height ranges, swing set height standards may be different for each manufacturer. It is best to consult a about your specific needs before purchasing a play set.


Swing Set Size Recommendations

When it comes to selecting the right swing set size, your decision hinges on the unique requirements of your family and the age groups of the children who will be using it. Understanding the signs that indicate whether a regular-sized or taller swing set is the best fit can help you make an informed choice.

Regular-Sized Swing Set (5′ Deck Height with 8′ High Swing beam):

Average swing set size model
  • Young Children: A standard swing set size is usually sufficient if your primary users are toddlers and younger children. It offers a safe and accessible platform for them to enjoy swinging and other playset activities!
  • Space Constraints: If you have limited backyard space, consider a standard swing set height on a small backyard playset model. It provides ample play options without overwhelming your outdoor area.
  • Budget-Friendly: Regular-sized swing sets are often more budget-friendly, making them a practical choice for families looking for quality play equipment without breaking the bank!


Tall Swing Set (5′ and 7′ Deck Heights With 8′ High Swing Beam):

Tall Swing Set for Big Kids
  • Older Children and Teens: If your family includes older children or teenagers who seek a more challenging and thrilling swinging experience, investing in a tall swing set is a wise choice. It accommodates their growing skills and desire for excitement!
  • Long-Term Investment: Opting for a taller swing set can also be viewed as a strategic long-term investment, ensuring that your playset remains engaging and entertaining as your children grow.
  • Ample Backyard Space: If your backyard offers plenty of room, an extra tall or tall swing set can be an exciting addition, creating a prominent play structure that becomes the centerpiece of outdoor fun.

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Tall Swingsets for Tall Kids

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